Kevin and I have been living in Germany for a little over a year now. Almost all of our family members have come to visit and have explored the surrounding area. So, when Kevin's parents said they were coming to see us again this fall, we decided it would be more fun to meet somewhere in Europe instead of seeing the same sights around our house. This way we could all explore together, and what better city to explore with family than Paris?! It was an absolutely stunning city. Here are a few shots of our trip I hope you enjoy!


Kevin and I flew into Paris pretty early in the morning so we had a great full day of exploring. We met up with Kevin's parents and wasted no time. We headed for the Champs Elysées. We strolled the street and had fun window shopping until my mother -in-law pulled me into every girl's favorite store, and treated me to a little gift at Tiffany's! She bought us matching Eiffel Tower charms!! It was such a cute gift and I love wearing it and remembering this trip.

I travel quite a bit and I have seen a wide variety of street performers throughout my adventures. This guy, by far, wins as my favorite all time street performer EVER! He didn't have any fancy show or props. It was just him, his guitar, and his cute little Chihuahua that sat on his shoulders and yelped to his tune. Maybe I am bias because I am a big time dog person but this guy wins kudos from me! Soooo cute!!

The Champs Elysées leads straight up to the ever-so-famous Arc de Triomphe. After taking a few obligatory touristy pictures we sat and admired the brave drivers that drove the round-about WITH NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS OR TRAFFIC MARKERS! It was truly amazing!  I kept thinking about how something like this would NEVER work where I am from, talk about a death trap. 


After our visit to the Arc de Triomphe we popped into Laduree which has without a doubt the best macaroons I have EVER tasted. If you are ever in Paris I would highly recommend stopping in for some tea and a sweet treat! I ordered an iced coffee and an assortment of macaroons. We had so much fun tasting everyones flavors and I think we decided our favorite was the rose flavor. 

With our bellies full of macaroons and sweet coffee we made our way down to the iconic Eiffel Tower. We had tickets to ride up the elevator and look out of the observatory on the first level. This was perfect timing for us as it was right at sunset and the city just looked magical at that time of night. There is an option to go all the way to the top but really the first tier is really all you need to get the full effect of the city from a birds eye view. So beautiful!



On our second day in Paris, we started the day out right and went to the place that we were told have the best croissant in all of Paris. As the super duper official taste tester, I can personally say that they were fantastic! After I devoured two croissants we found a cute spot for breakfast Called Strada Cafe. Who counts carbs when you are on vacation, right? We ordered a breakfast sandwich which was killer! I would also recommend their iced coffee! Yummm.


We spent the morning on a bus tour that was pretty fun as it was a nice day and the second level of the bus was open. It was nice to see a quick run through of the city and get in a few fun facts that you would not have otherwise learned about. 

After our bus ride we got off and did a bit of walking just to see the Eiffel Tower one more time because you can never get sick of that magnificent landmark! It really was magical for me. It is one of the most iconic structures in the world and its so amazing when you first look at it that it kind of makes you a little giddy. Actually being there standing in front of it was sooooo much better than the pictures – side note, it was crazy huge and so much bigger than I thought it was going to be! This lead us to the catacombs which I heard was a must see and it really was very interesting. We spent a little extra money and did the audio tour which I would recommend because there is quite a bit of history you would miss otherwise.

Jardin de Luxembourg was one of the gems that was not on my list but totally blew me away. The weather was perfect and the flowers were in full bloom. The Garden was filled with locals sharing a bottle on wine and cheese and crackers with friends. It was breathtakingly beautiful. If you ever make it here and the weather is nice. Ditch your dinner reservations and bring your own spread to nibble on while watching the sunset!


We slept in this morning and woke up all in a frenzy – jet lag is a real thing my friends! We had such big plans but did not set an alarm and got a bit of a late start. We hurried and got ready to head to the Lourve to see one of the most famous woman in the history of the world! 

After the Lourve we set out to do a wine tasting with some French wines and it was really fun! I always love doing wine tastings whenever we travel not only to learn about the wine but also you learn a lot about the country and the culture as well. However, My favorite part though was the cheeses and meats... Yummm!

After the wine tasting we only had about an hour before our next stop closed for the day so we quickly made our way to the Musee d'Orsay. I had learned about this museum in school and it was a must see on my list. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to spend as much time there but it was so cool to see it in person – sigh, gives me an excellent excuse for a return visit. 

Day 4

The weather had been so beautiful the whole week, but unfortunately the day we scheduled to go see Versailles was cold and rainy. That did not stop us as we braved the weather, the cold, and the crowds. 


I loved Paris and I hope to be back someday. We sat around on our last morning and laughed that we did not even scratch the surface of everything there is to do in this beautiful city. I hope to back one day. Paris, you're beautiful.

Have you been to Paris? What is your favorite landmark?