We recently took another little weekend trip up to Cologne, Germany. This colorful city is famous for so many things, but the show stopper for me was the giant cathedral that is located in the city center. This big beauty is Germany's most visited landmark, so naturally we had to go see for ourselves. It is so big that I couldn't fit even half of it into the frame! This girl needs a wide angle lens!!

We spent a good part of the morning walking around the cathedral and what I loved most about it was how you could see how it was being cared for. I think my favorite preservation effort was in the stained glass window in the image above. This master piece is made up of thousands and thousands of tiny little glass squares made to look like computer pixels! It is a marvelously modern approach and a great contrast to the rest of the building.

Next stop, we trudged through the snowy streets to the Cologne Chocolate Museum. Now, I am not a huge museum person but I absolutely loved learning about the chocolate making process. Plus, at the end they give you FREE SAMPLES from the beautiful gold chocolate fountain to the left. 

Before we faced the cold weather again, we stopped in the café and sipped the richest Bailey's hot chocolate I had ever had. Yummmmm.....


Cologne was the perfect weekend getaway! Although the bitter cold had this Arizona Native bundled up tight, I had a wonderful time. Cologne, you're beautiful!