This month I had the chance to go back home and visit my family back in The States. Right before I left for my trip, I kept seeing pictures of Antelope Canyon pop up on my Pintrest page and my Instagram. I have lived in Arizona my whole life yet I had never been to the canyon! The pictures I saw on social media were all so beautiful, I knew I needed to see the site for myself. So, I e-mailed my mom and asked if she would be interested in making a trip during my stay. She was excited, and we started planned our little weekend excursion!

In order to see the canyon, you have to schedule a tour with one of the local Navajo tour guides. There is a short truck ride into the canyon and then you can walk in from there. It doesn't look like much from the outside but once you step in, the view is amazing!! The canyon was incredible! 

Next stop, Horseshoe Bend! If you make the trip out to Antelope Canyon, you have to stop by Horseshoe Bend which is just 15 minutes away. We went at sunset which made for a spectacular view, check it out!


After breakfast we started on our long drive back home but decided to make a stop at the Grand Canyon. I have not been to see The Grand Canyon since I was a little girl and we thought it would be a good idea to visit again. It was only about an hour out of our way and it was so worth the extra time! The view was more beautiful than I remembered!

After our visit to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend we stayed the night in Page, Arizona. For breakfast the next morning we went to a cute little spot called Canyon Crepes Cafe. It's a locally owned little spot that is a little hard to find but while searching for it, we stumbled across this great street art! 

Overall it was a fabulous trip! I am so glad that we decided to go! It is always so good to go home and I just love that we made an extra little weekend trip up to explore more of this beautiful state.