It's FINALLY springtime! Was it just me, or did this winter seem to drag on forever? I have been feeling down and uninspired lately so I do what I always do when I need a pick me up I started browsing Pintrest. On rainy cold days I always find my self looking at fabulous, warm, colorful destinations and it always has a way of making me feel a little better. I came across a few pictures of the Keukenhof Gardens. The colors were so vibrant that they instantly caught my attention. I called Kevin and he said that he was in! So I booked our tickets to Amsterdam and I am so glad that we did. It's true what they say, nothing quite like Amsterdam in the spring. 

Where To Stay:

Kevin and I are always looking to save a penny when we can and when it comes to hotels it can be tricky. We always like to enjoy our stay but we also don't want to break the bank. There are so many great options in Amsterdam so we had to really do our homework. We finally decided to book our stay at Hotel V Frederiksplein and I would definitely recommend it. It was affordable and had a fun yet quirky design concept. Breakfast was included with the price of the room which was an added plus because most of the time we want to eat quick and then get out and explore. The best part is when you have eaten and are ready to go explore, the tram stop is right across the street.

Where To Eat:

Kevin and I are big foodies when we travel - trust me, this girl can eat! Amsterdam did not disappoint in the dining category. The entire trip I felt like we would eat just to walk across the street to eat again. Oh well, I just use my favorite phrase... "Meh, I am on vacation!" I wanted to share a few of our favorite places with you. 

  • MAZZO : Kevin was in heaven with this great pizza joint that used Buffalo Mozzarella (the best quality cheese in the world!)  
  • BURGERMEESTER : Nothing like a big burger after a long morning of riding your bike around the city!
  • DE LAATSTE KRUIMEL : Great spot to pop in for a pastry or sit and stay for lunch. Be sure and try one of their fresh juices!
  • LOVERS DINNER CRUISE : A unique way to see the city. All the lights were so magical when we were on the water. Plus, the food was actually pretty good!
  • O MAI : Kevin had a craving and this place certainly delivered!
  • BAGLES & BEANS : It's a chain, but their bagel combinations are crazy good!


Things we did : 

There are numerous fun things to do in Amsterdam. Wether you are staying for a whole week or just for the weekend you are sure to have an action packed time. Kevin and I made our little adventure into a long weekend which was perfect for us because we mainly stayed in the city and didn't venture too far. If you are planning to seeing more of the surrounding area I would suggest in making your trip a bit longer... So much to see, so little time! Anyways, here are a few of the highlights of our weekend:

  • Rent A Bike : Experience Amsterdam like a local and rent a bike. I think this was my favorite part of the trip! I
  • Enjoy A Dinner Cruise : We flew into Amsterdam in the late afternoon so I booked this dinner as our first little adventure. It is super touristy but it was a great way to sort of get an overview of the city and we loved to see the city all lit up.  
  • Tour The Red Light District : We decided to take a guided tour of this area and I would recommend it. It was informative and very interesting!
  • Van Gogh Museum :  Check the weather forecast for your visit. If it is supposed to rain one of the days, that's okay, Amsterdam has several great museums. Bring your sight seeing indoors and check out some great art!
  • Keukenhof Gardens : This is a great little day trip out of the city and well worth the drive. Try to schedule your visit on a week day to avoid crowds as it is a VERY popular attraction. Also, Kevin and I took a bus from Amsterdam which I would highly recommend because then we didn't have to worry about parking!
  • The Anne Frank House :  All I can say is get there early! People line up around the block to visit the home of this young girl and her inspiring words. It's a must see!

Amsterdam blew us away! We loved the city so much that by the end of the weekend we were dreaming up ways to pick up and move there! We had a whole life dreamed up and even had fun choosing which bikes we would drive should we ever make the big move. Anyways, it's back to reality now. We had such a blast! Amsterdam, you're beautiful!