Well friends, I am finally home from being away for almost a month. It feels so good to be back home with my boys. Now that I am home, I have had a chance to upload pictures from our latest trips!!

A few weeks ago Kevin and I moseyed on down to Florence with 8 of our friends. We made the trip short and sweet but I felt like it was the perfect amount of time to explore the area. We had a blast just hangin' out with our friends. All I can say is that there are few places on earth more beautiful than Tuscany. Am I right?? Here are a few shots of our travels!!


Come on a bike tour they said... It will be fun they said... I'd like to think of myself as a fairly athletic person. I try to stay active and I work out from time to time. So when our friends proposed a biking wine tour I said I would love to go. What could be more perfect than leisurely pedaling through the rolling hills of the beautiful tuscany? Apparently this is where I so awfully mistaken. We had no idea that I had just signed up for Italy's own version of the Tour de France!! We huffed and puffed on our bikes FOR OVER 6 HOURS uphill in the hot sun! By the end of the 35 mile bike ride we were so exhausted and sunburnt we couldn't even think about tasting wine! It was a miserable travel day and an experience that I think will be a funny story to share much much much later.

Despite the fact that the biking tour was horrible, our lunch spot was the exact opposite. We biked up to Fattoria di Lamole which is a cute little restaurant situated up on this hill. We had a private room and a series of meats and cheeses for lunch. It was a fabulous spot for lunch and I would definitely recommend it. I will warn you that it was a bit difficult to get into contact with them. Also, if you do visit Fattoria di Lamole I strongly suggest that you explore by car and not by bike!


We rented this great apartment from Apartments Florence that amazingly slept all 10 of us! The apartment was nice and clean but what was even better about the apartment was it's location. It was just down the street for the best little breakfast spot called Le Vespe Cafe. We stopped there every morning before starting our day. If you ever make it to Florence you have to stop by and have one of their fabulous smoothies! Everyone knows I always love a good frozen drink...

The gang took a day trip out to Pisa just to see the main attraction and have a bite to eat for lunch. In my opinion, it was VERY touristy and perhaps not worth the long ride in a hot train car. However, I feel like the people watching was just as entertaining as the monument itself! I was so amused by every single person desperately trying to situate their bodies in order to get the iconic "I'm holding up the Tower of Pisa" picture. It was all quite comical.


I think one of the dining highlights of the trip was our wine tasting/lunch at Enoteca Pitti Gola E Cantina. Our group was so large that they made a table for us in the wine cellar which was totally cool! The food was delicious, the wine was tasty and the staff was very friendly. It was an all around five stars in our book.

I think one of my favorite thing about Florence is all of the street artists!! On all of the trips we take I usually try and find a unique piece to bring home. Florence made it easy for me to find the perfect little souvenir to take home. I can't wait to get this little water color home and frame it!

Kevin and I LOVED Florence! We fell in love with the city's vibe and all the charm it had to offer. Hopefully one day we will return. Ciao!