Sanspariel Rock Garden & Zwernitz Castle

Fall is rapidly approaching here in Bavaria. I can already tell that the are days becoming shorter. I am excited for the change of season but I am still relishing in every last warm day we have left. Last weekend Kev and I decided to take advantage of the good weather and explore a local castle and it's grounds. 

It was only a day trip for us so we packed a lunch and headed out. I think my favorite part about this trip was that our dog Jack got to come along. He had just as much, if not more fun than us as we explored the castle grounds together. 

Disclaimer: We got to the site and I got out my camera to start to take a couple shots and I was devastated when I noticed I LEFT MY MEMORY CARD AT HOME! I was editing some pictures and left the card in my computer... sigh. Luckily for modern day iPhones, the pictures still turned out okay!! Anyways I hope you enjoy!

The rock garden itself was originally given as a birthday gift to a young woman here. When it was finished, the garden had many structures on top of the rocks and throughout the grounds. Today the only structure that still stands is this open air theater with it's orchestra pit still intact. Aaaand of course, there is Jack front and center–always the center of attention. 

I learned something about medieval architecture on this trip which I thought was interesting.  Do you see the small pipe underneath the top window? This was used was as part of their "modern plumbing system" and was how a lot of the waste was swept out of the castle. Kinda cool. Kinda gross...

There was a cute cafe on the grounds where you could stop and have a bite. They even had a patio for you to sit out and enjoy the day and the gardens. This would have been our stop had we not packed our own lunch. Instead, we grabbed our picnic basket and found a table under a tree. Kev and I used to picnic all the time when we were dating but haven't in years. It was fun to bust out the old basket again. 

What is your favorite castle in Germany? I would love to hear your stories.