I know it has been a while, but I am just now getting a minute to sit down and go through all of the pictures. The last few weeks have been a crazy awesome whirlwind of family visits, work, travel and catching up on my German language course. It is kind of fun to wait to go through your pictures also because it is almost like living the trip all over again through the images.
A couple of weeks ago, Kevin and I took a weekend trip up to Dresden. The weekend was the first "chilly" weekend we have had this fall. The weather did not work out for us so well but it made some fabulous moody pictures. I hope you enjoy the shots! 


Our trip was short and sweet but we managed to stop at this amazing bridge on our way up to Dresden. About 30 minutes drive outside of the city is the Bastei Bridge. It is a rock formation bridge that hovers at just about 1,000 feet high. The bridge is made of sandstone and is so amazing the way that it just blends in  with the existing rocks that it is build on. It looks as if it could be a natural bridge! This spot amazed me not only because of the view but being from Arizona, I have never seen rock formations in this color before. Growing up all the rock formations that we saw had a red tinge to them and these were a black and almost blue hue to them. AMAZING!

As you drive up to the site there is a parking lot about a mile and half away from the attraction and buses that will drive you in. You can also walk (which is what we did) or you can drive all the way to the gates where there is a parking lot but is very busy and mostly full. The weather was nice so we decided to just walk the 1.5 miles into the site (I always choose to walk any chance I can get because I tend to way overeat when on trips.)


It's about a thirty minute drive from the Bastei Bridge to Dresden. We booked our stay right in the center of town at the Aparthotel Neumarkt. I would recommend this place to anyone staying in Dresden. They have apartment style rooms which is great if you want to save a buck and eat meals in your room. The room was HUGE! It was without a doubt the biggest rooms we have ever stayed in while in Europe. We were in a great location so we parked our car at the hotel and did not use it again until we were ready to head home. 


Dresden is a perfect little weekend trip and you can see most of the city in a day or two. We had a day and a half to see the sites so we picked some things ahead of time that we thought would be fun instead of trying to see it all. Here is what we were able to hit:
- Porzellansammlung: This was a pretty cool and unique museum. The displays were solely featuring porcelain of all shapes and sizes. It was quite beautiful and Kevin and I had fun picking out which sets were our favorite. I picked the classic blue and white and of course Kevin liked the jet black set.
- Mathmatisch-Physilkalischer Salon: This is sort of in the same complex as the Porcelain Museum, and if you'd like to see all of the museums in the complex I would suggest that you buy the pass to get you into all of them as it will save you money. This was such a cool museum full of cool old gadgets they have used through history for science, time, and communication. I thought it was fascinating.
-Frauenkirche: We stayed not even 200 meters away from this beauty and we could hear her church bells every morning which so lovely. Along with most of Dresden, it was destroyed in World War ll but it has been rebuilt and is absolutely stunning.
-F├╝rstenzug: This is the largest piece of porcelain artwork in the world. Thousands and thousands of small tiles are placed together and display a series of kings and dukes riding on their horses as sort of a parade. It is rather remarkable!
-Kunsthofpassage: This was a super cute little area that I wish we would have spent more time exploring. It is quite far from the center of the city so we hit is on our drive out of town when we had our car. I have never seen so much street art in my life and it was absolutely amazing! This little inner courtyard has a rain gutter that apparently has some sort of musical quality when it rains. We went when it was raining and didn't hear much but it was still fabulous all the same. 

I did not know what to expect when we visited Dresden, but I was blown away with it's beauty. I think it's one of my favorites in Germany so far. I hope you enjoyed the photos! 

What is your favorite city in Germany?