Over our 4th of July weekend Kevin and I visited Croatia with a few of our friends. Prior to the trip, our group got together to do a bit of planning and we all talked about what we wanted to see most. My only input was that I wanted to do a bit of hiking and see some awesome waterfalls! With that in mind we began planning our trip. First stop, was the Plitvice National Park. 


The easiest way to get to the park is by car. There will be a few signs marking the falls and telling you where to go. You will purchase your ticket and then take a bus up to the lakes. The lakes are divided in half by upper and lower sections. There is a ferry that runs between the upper and lower sections of the lakes. You have the freedom to see only one section of the lakes or both, the choice is up to you. If you are pressed for time and only wish to see one section I would recommend doing the lower lakes. If you are doing half of the park plan on about a 3 hour walk and if you plan to do the whole park it's about a 6 hour day. The walking paths are very easy with hardly any incline or steps. While the path is easy, you should wear comfortable shoes that you don't mind getting wet. There are a few places to get a bite to eat and also a few restrooms along the way as well.  It rained most of the day when we visited. This kind of weather can be common so make sure you bring a water resistant bag or a poncho so your belongings do not get wet. 


We stayed only three days and two nights in Split so we packed in a lot of sightseeing during our stay. Split is one of the most unique cities I have been to in Europe. This is because a large part of the city center is actually an ancient roman palace. Diocletian's Palace is an ancient Roman ruin that is now a busy city center with bars, restaurants and shops. This integration of the old and the new make it Split's most famous attraction (aside from the ULTRA music festival). We were extra lucky as our apartment was inside the palace wall. It was amazing! I would recommend spending one full day exploring the city of Split and then venturing out to do some day trips. We took a trip to the Krka Waterfalls and we spent a day sailing the Adriatic Sea. You can read about both trips below!


We did not have too much time to dine in Split but we did have a few favorites. If you enjoy wine and pairings I would highly recommend making a reservation at Paradox Wine and Cheese Bar. The cheeses were amazing and they helped us pick out which wines would go best with our assortment of little bites. 


This waterfall is a little more "toursity." It is easy to find by car and there are tons of amenities at the top. You will need to walk down several flights of stairs to reach the falls at the bottom. There are several food stands and bathrooms at the bottom so you only need to bring your towel and a waterproof camera if you want to take pictures. I would recommend wearing water shoes (no flip flops– think Keen or Teva) into the water as the rocks are a bit sharp and the current was surprisingly swift. 


On our last full day in Croatia it was hot hot hot in the city. We welcomed the warm sun and set sail on an all day excursion on the Adriatic Sea. The weather could not have been more perfect on the water! We took our tour with John and Lyn from Sunburst Sailing and I would highly recommend them. They met us at the docks just a 10 minute walk from our apartment in the palace. They took us on a tour across the Adriatic with several stops to jump in for a quick swim. We enjoyed an open bar of beer and wine and fabulous food was prepared for us. We felt like celebrities for the day! If you are ever staying in Split, I would make this a top priority.

We had an awesome time and I sure got my wish of seeing some awesome waterfalls in Croatia. 
Where was the most beautiful waterfall you have seen?