It has been an amazing whirlwind of trips lately and I feel like I am on a plane every other day! It has been so crazy, I am just now getting these pictures up and organized. Two weekends ago, Kev and I flew to London with a few friends. Kevin had been to London previously but this was my first adventure in this country and I had a blast. I thought the long weekend would be plenty of time to see everything on our list but boy was I wrong! There is so much to see and do in this energetic city. We are already planning our next trip! Here is a recap of our weekend, I hope you enjoy!


We booked our stay at the Hotel Z Victoria in London and I would highly recommend it.  The price was reasonable, the staff was friendly and they had breakfast for the mornings when we needed to get up and at em'. The rooms were very small but it had everything we needed. Plus, it was super cute. Here are some quick shots I took of the place!


Our first day in London our group went out on a day trip to see Stonehenge and the city of Bath. We booked a private tour with Premier Tours and everything was excellent. Our guide was very knowledgeable and the van was super comfortable. Plus, the van had wifi which is always such a help when your traveling. If I were honest, this was too much driving for one day but these were things on my bucket-list and I am glad that we made the trip. 

The city of Bath was really cute and had a great vibe. It is most well known for their spas and hot springs so it's a great place to stay a while and have a R&R weekend. We were only staying for the day so we just toured the city and visited the Roman Baths. After all of our exploring we grabbed lunch at a cute pub called The Crystal Palace where I had the best pimms of my life!!

It was a looooooong drive back to London and there is nothing like a good car ride to put me right to sleep. We had gotten in late from the airport the night before and I was dog tired. When we arrived back at the hotel after my power nap, I was feeling refreshed so we went back out into the city. We set back out and visited Buckingham Palace. Did anyone else think Buckingham Palace would be bigger? It was so much smaller than I imagined.


We started the day off at The Regency Cafe where we had a traditional English Breakfast. Kevin and I fell in love with the casual diner atmosphere and even more with their baked beans!! After breakfast we headed out to explore the iconic sights of London. It was supposed to rain all day but thankfully it held out until later that evening.. However, I always bring my explorer hat just in case.


We started out our Sunday morning with breakfast at Grand Caffe Concerto. We were on our way to church at Hillsongs London and were looking for something on the way. I was so excited to be able to attend a Hillsongs service as it had been on my wishlist for quite a while. There is something about praising Jesus with people from the other side of the world that was just so cool!


After church, we headed over to the The London Tower. We had plans to explore the tower and see The Crown Jewels but we stopped for tea first! Going to afternoon tea was something I desperately wanted to do while in London. We stopped at this funky little spot called The Kitchen @ Tower and ordered there tea for two. Such fun!

We were super hungry after exploring the Tower because of all the carbs we had for lunch, so we went around the corner to Hung Drawn & Quartered for the best fresh made pie ever! I was in love with the unique pub restaurant concept and kevin was obsessed with all the great beer! It was a win win.

I loved England and it was even more spectacular than I imagined it would be. We are already planning another trip. I cannot wait to come back! ...Until next time...