We have an expression that "Rome wasn't built in a day." In english, this is a way for us to express that great things take time. The same is also true when it comes to actually exploring Rome in one day as well. I know people usually recommend spending two, or even better, three days to see everything that this city has to offer. Due to our travel plans we only had one full day to see as much of this magnificent city as we could. This is my second trip to this awesome city, so I am here to give you a few tips on how you can make the most of your one day. This is a long day and there is tons of walking, so bring your walking shoes and make sure you make plenty of Gelato stops.


We stayed close to the bus station so it was easy for us to jump on a bus and get to the other side of the city. Bus passes can be purchased at the train station and almost all tobacco shops. Our first stop was one of the most famous sites in the entire world... The Vatican. 


Start your day out early at The Vatican. The lines can be lengthy to get in to The Vatican Museums so it's a good idea to get there early. You do not want to spend precious time waiting in lines. We bought "skip-the-line" passes to insure that we got in at a certain time. These passes are a bit more expensive, however I found them to be worth it because it was easier to plan our schedule knowing exactly what time we would be getting in. Now let's be honest... I know you can spend an entire day just exploring all that The Vatican museums have to offer. We set a timer for ourselves and were intentional on what exactly we wanted to see. There are helpful signs within the museum that indicate which paths are shorter and which are a bit longer. 


After our visit to The Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica we hopped back on a bus and made our way towards the center of town. We spent the afternoon strolling the streets of Rome and taking it all in. 


One of the most iconic staircases in the entire world is located in the heart of Rome. These steps have been undergoing extensive restoration, so unfortunately the steps were under construction when we were visiting. Even though I was a little bummed we couldn't climb the stairs, the repairs actually made it a great opportunity to get an unobstructed view of how grand and beautiful they are!


On your stroll through the city center be sure to stop by Giolitti Gelato. This is the oldest gelato shop in Rome. Upon entering you will need to prepay at the register up front and then walk back with your ticket to select your flavor! I chose strawberry and pineapple. Yummm!


The iconic Trevi Fountain is located in the heart of Rome and is a sight to see. Be sure to throw in a coin over your shoulder for good luck! The money goes to a good cause!


The Pantheon was built as an ancient Roman temple for the gods. It is one of the most well preserved roman buildings and they still allow you to walk in and explore. This was my second time visiting and I was still blown away at how grand it was!


After an afternoon walking the streets of Rome, stop, have dinner, and rest your feet! I would recommend seeing the rest after the sun goes down. 


We scheduled a tour of the Roman Forum and the Colosseum in the evening. We were able to see The Colosseum after hours and I cannot recommend this enough. We did not have to fight crowds and since we traveled in September it was still very warm. It was so much more enjoyable walking around while it was a little cooler outside. We were also able to see a few projections onto the buildings to get an idea of what those buildings would have looked like. So cool!!

Have you been to Rome? Tell me about your favorite site!

THE AMALFI COAST : My List Of Must See Sights

Fun fact about Kevin and I... We don't do Anniversary gifts or Valentine's Day gifts. When we got married 5 years ago, we agreed to forgo the gifts and put that money towards memories and vacations. So, with May 20th being our our first "milestone anniversary," we packed our swim suits and headed for the Amalfi Coast! With this post, I am sharing my highlights of the trip. If you choose to make a trip out to the Amalfi coast here is a list of things you HAVE TO add to your travel itinerary.  I hope you enjoy!


There are several cooking schools to choose from in the area. We decided to travel down to Ravello and booked our class with Villa Maria. We learned how to make mozzarella, how to cut a proper fillet of fish and so much more! All the ingredients we cooked with were organic and came straight from their gardens on site. Plus, they have gluten free and dairy free options! I would highly recommend this class. It is the perfect way to spend your day! 


Spend the the day visiting the birth-place of the Caprese Salad and of the Capri pants! Take the ferry from Positano to Capri. This is about a 40 minute ferry ride and the boats come and go frequently. You can purchase tickets right at the dock, however during high season it is recommended to reserve a spot before hand. When you arrive to the island there are several sites to see and plenty to places to eat. This island is mainly for tourists (in fact, the island completely closes down in the winter months)! My advice is to get away from the pier as quickly as possible. Here are a few things we did:

  • Lunch with a View: It was our 5 year anniversary the day we visited Capri, so we had a quiet romantic lunch at Ristorante da Gelsomina. It is far removed from all the touristy stuff which was awesome and they have a "shuttle" that will come and pick you up from the center of Anacapri. They say people argue that their Ravioli Capresi is the best on the whole island!! We ordered it, and there was no need for argument. It was AMAZING!!
  • Stop for Gelato: If you get gelato, make sure it is from Buonocore Gelateria. There is always a line out the door, and rightfully so. The waffle cones are made fresh right in front of you! They are still a little warm in your hand when they give you your delicious scoop! 
  • Take the lift up to Mount Solaro: Take a one man gondola ride up to see the spectacular views. The ride alone is worth the trip! We had fun dangling our feet above all the hillside gardens!
  • Blue Grotto: This is Capri's most famous attraction, however it is never guaranteed that you will get a chance to go see it. It completely depends on the weather and the condition of the ocean. Unfortunately for us, the sea was extremely rough the day we visited and we were not able to see it. So bummed!!!
  • Gardens of Augustus: There is an entrance fee but it is well worth it. For around 1 euro you can enjoy the fabulous gardens and take some wonderfully colorful pictures! 


Rightfully named "The Path of The Gods" as the views are simply heavenly! The hike is a rather long one and should take about 4 hours or so.  For the best views you should start from the east and work your way west. There are several ways to get started on the hike so you can choose which path you would like to take. Whichever trail you choose you can't go wrong. We stayed in Praiano and that is where we decided to join on the hike. Before the hike we stopped at a grocery store and packed a lunch. They have picnic tables at the top and you can't beat that view!!



Limoncello, lemon sorbet, lemon soufflé, lemon juice. However you prefer it, you gotta try it! While not being a huge fan of the limoncello myself... I did love me some lemon sorbet. This one came in a giant frozen lemon!! How is that for presentation!?!



One of the nights for dinner, Kevin and I stopped at a grocery store and bought some items to make our own antipasto plate. It is not only a great money saving idea but also gives you the chance to make the most of the fantastic views. So find a good spot, plop yourself down, and take it all in. Chin Chin!


Yes, I realize this isn't really on the coast but if you are in the area, it is only a day trip away! This was actually my favorite day on the whole trip! If you do decide to visit the ruins you really should book a tour as there is no informational signs anywhere and you miss a lot. We booked a private tour and I would highly recommend that. We were able to skip to the front of all the lines with our guide and I was able to ask all the questions I wanted. I have always been fascinated by this place and it was so interesting to come and learn about just how advanced they really were! 


The cross walks are still original and the stones are raised so that people crossing would not have to step in the street. This is where most of the sewage ran through the city to get flushed out by ancient "storm drains."


Another great thing I learned about Pompeii is that it has become somewhat of a sanctuary for homeless dogs. Being a puppy lover myself, I absolutely loved this! The guide told us that they have all been "adopted" in a way, by being offered food and basic medical care. Most of the pups are better left alone as they are not technically domesticated but some people do choose to feed them.  We let them be, but I had to snap a picture of this dude soaking up the sunshine. 


This is something we have been dying to cross off our bucket list. For our anniversary dinner we dined at La Sponda. I have seen this restaurant blow up my Pintrest feed for years now and I just HAD TO GO! The vines on the ceiling, the candles, the food. It was the best dining experience we have ever had... EVER! There are plenty of options in Positano. Pick the one that you think is best. You can't go wrong!

We had the time of our lives visiting the Amalfi Coast. While I was researching the area, I had read that it does not seem like real life. I read that it is like a fairytale and it is so true! We left totally and completely enchanted!!

Have you visited the Amalfi Coast? What was your favorite experience there?!