10 Christmas Wrap Ideas That Are Great For Shipping

Living in Germany means that I send A TON of packages back home to friends and family in The United States. Gift giving has always been one of my love languages. I love spending time buying and wrapping the perfect gift. For me, the beauty is in the details. Kevin and I have been living abroad for over two years now so, I have had plenty of time to get creative to make sure my gifts still look beautiful when they are opened on the other side of the world. The days of smashed bows and ribbons are all in my past! Just in time for the holidays. I am sharing with you 10 great ways to wrap your gifts! I hope you enjoy. Let's get wrapping!!


This idea can make one roll of kraft paper go a long way! It is a subtle way to jazz up all of your gifts without the need of a single inch of ribbon. I found this stamp in the dollar bin at a local craft store. It has proven to be a dollar well spent!


I have a few rolls of washi tape that I use for letters but I figured why not wrap it around my gift to have the finished look of a bow. It is super quick and easy!!


Christmas ornaments can be inexpensive and great alternatives to using ribbons and bows. This snowflake is a sparkly little number I picked up at Wal-Mart years ago. I used hot glue to hold it in place and hid the glue with an additional sticker. Now it will lay flat and ship perfectly!


For those of you that know me know that I FREAKING love all things miniature. So when I saw a bag of these mini clothes pins, I had to have them. My intention was to use them for card making, but they make the card a little too bulky for the mail. So, I made little stockings out of scrap paper and hung them on a miniature "clothesline" across the front. You could even do little mittens or hats!!


This sparkly red paper is my favorite, but it can be a little plain by itself. This is a super simple way to ditch the ribbon all together. I printed off the letter on 8.5x11" sheet of kraft paper and hot glued it on to the front. 


I bought these gift tags at an after christmas sale last year. When I got them home I realized that they are a bit small. So, I stamped one letter on each and used them to spell out the recipients name!


We all have buttons laying around from spare shirts or old craft projects. I have had a jar full of them for as long as I can remember. After all these years I finally put them to good use! I strung a few up with some bakers twine and wrapped it several times around my package. So cute!! 


This is a similar idea as #8 but with slightly different materials. I bought this wire pre-strung but you could easily do it on your own as well. String your beads on the wire and wrap as many times as you'd like. Go crazy!!


Here I go again with the miniature stuff. I just can't help it!! I found these little chalkboards on Amazon for super cheap. They are perfect to lay flay on any gift!


There has been a huge push for the revival of snail mail in the last few years. Along with the rise of snail mail comes the popularity of the ever beloved wax seal. This is a very elegant and simple way to spruce up some bland kraft paper. 

What are some unconventional ways you have decorated your christmas gifts?
I would love you hear your ideas!!