A gift for the Couple who has everything...

Gift giving has always been one of my love languages. So recently, when my best friend got married I had to rack my brain for the perfect gift to give to her and her new husband. Both living on their own, they already had everything they needed for their new life together. After giving it tons of thought, I decided that I would not just give them a "thing" for their wedding gift but rather a series of activities to do together.... A YEAR OF DATE NIGHTS!! Every month I would have a prepaid activity for my best friend and her new man to enjoy together. I grabbed my sketch book and wrote down the name of every month and thought about what would be fun to do in each of those months. I tried to make each activity appropriate for what might be going on that month. Then, I stopped by Target and picked up several coordinating envelopes and gift bags, all for just a buck each .:sigh:. I just love Target!! Here is what I came up with for each month and how I wrapped them:


ForJanuary, I felt like after the craziness of the holidays, it would be nice to stay in. I included a gift card good for a order in pizza. I told them to order in their favorite pizza and plug in a movie to have a relaxing night in....sigh.... that sounds sooo good right now!


I went a little more simple in March and stopped by Barnes & Noble and picked out a cute cook book that I thought my friend would like! Sometimes, we get stuck in a food rut... Ladies, you know what I am talking about! I thought this would help with a little inspiration in the kitchen.


Everybody loves a little treat now and then. A trip to a frozen yogurt shop can be a perfect quick date night!


Date nights don't always have to be just you and your hubby. I bought my favorite board game and told her to invite some couple friends over for a game night!!


Pei Wei is our favorite restaurant, so it only seemed fitting that I should get a gift certificate for her to share this amazing food with her new amazing man.


Eat, drink, while being married.... I decided to make November a traditional date night with a gift card to a yummy restaurant. They have gift cards now where you can choose from several different restaurants within the same chain. This is nice to allow them to choose where they really want to go!


Sometimes I feel like Kevin and I are guilty of this, but I feel like sometimes we get stuck in rut of everyday chit-chat. On our dates we sometimes end up talking about work or chores that need to be done around the house. Sometimes you need a little kick in the pants to get back to conversations that actually help your relationship grow. So for February (Valentines Day) I felt like these cute little conversation starters wold be fun! I found them on Amazon and they had some really great questions that could turn into some awesome conversations!


April means great weather in Arizona! I decided to put in a little money for my friend and her husband to buy a little lunch and go for a hike. Simple but will be a good option to get out and enjoy the weather together!


It's getting hot in Arizona and we Arizonan's stay cool by going to catch a good movie. This month's gift was two certificates to the movie theater near them.


Arizona in the summer can be unbearably hot so I doubled up on the frozen yogurt gifts. Ice cream on a hot day is always a good idea!!


The weather is always nice in Arizona so we have a cute drive-in theater in town. I packed the bag full of goodies to take with them and added some cash for the admission fee! 


In Phoenix we have a local company that does tours to look at Christmas lights. They will take you around in a big red 2-story bus like the ones found in London. It's great fun and a great date night idea for my friend and her new hubby for their first Christmas together. Are there any fun Christmas activities going on in your city?