Living in Germany means that I have to send A LOT of packages back and forth to family in The United States. Gift giving is one of my love languages and I always love sending presents! When I send my presents they HAVE TO be gift wrapped, it's a must. This past year of living in Europe I have had to get creative with ways to make sure the gifts still look pretty when my family opens them on the other end of the world. This year, I have come up with a few fun ideas to make my gifts look cute without the worry of them getting all smashed in the mail. I hope you enjoy!


One of the cheapest rolls of paper I have is a HUGE roll of plain old craft paper. I love it because it's so versatile and I can use it with anything.  I bought this cute little stamp a couple of months ago for only 2 Euros. I just pre-measured how much paper I would need for the box and rolled it out flat on the floor and stamped away! This is a super easy way to make your gifts a little more special without having to tie a bow! 

2. Get crafty with paper:

Some of you that know me know that I FREAKING LOVE miniature everything! I can see something completely impractical but I will love it because of its size alone. So, naturally I have always loved these small clothespins that you see at every craft store. I never knew quite what to do with them because I normally make cards and they are hard to mail in an envelope buuuuut if you are shipping a box they are perfect! I traced a picture of some stockings on some various scrapbook papers and attached them to some twine. I think it turned out super cute, and because they are so flat they wont smash in the mail! 


3. Washi Tape:

I use washi tape on my letters all the time so I figured why not wrap my gifts with them? It's such a cute and easy way to add a little extra something before you ship it off to your loved ones!  

4. Have fun with monograms:

This glitter paper of mine is probably my favorite! I got it on the after Christmas sale last year here in Germany and was so excited to crack it open and start using it! This is a quick and easy idea that can be done in just a few minutes. I just printed a large font "N" from a word document and cut it out! It's perfect because it is totally flat and can fit right into your shipping box. The plain "N" was looking a little bare so I just added a button with some ribbon to add a little flare. I love how it turned out!

5. Explore with Snowflakes:

This snowflake is actually part of a super cheap set of ornaments I bought at Wal-Mart 4 years ago. I loved them because they sparkle but also because they will lay flat on the box. You can make snowflakes out of paper too and get the same effect. I have seen ideas like this one all over pintrest and I love it! It's a great alternative to the traditional ribbon and bow.

What is your favorite non-traditional way to wrap your Christmas gifts? I would love to hear your ideas!