I don't like to carry a heavy bag with me when I travel. On almost every European adventure we have taken, I take only a backpack and a purse with me. This means that I have to be very selective on what I take with me and what gets left behind. While seeing over eleven countries and countless cities over the past three years, I have narrowed down my list of items that I take with me. Today, I am sharing the list with all of you. Happy packing!


First things first. let's talk about the bag itself. I am suuuuper picky when it comes to travel bags. I have only found two bags in the last three years that have made the cut. Here are a few guidelines I look for when picking out my bag:

  • It HAS to be a crossbody bag. I want to have my hands free to take pictures and hold on to the handles on the subway. Plus, in Germany I wear a down coat like 70% of the year and it's hard to keep that shoulder strap on!
  • It HAS to have a zipper closure. Pick pockets are a real thing. Having a zipper on my bag makes things less stressful. I still bring my purse around to the front of me in the subway stations and high traffic areas, but when we are out and about I don't have to worry about sticky fingers nearly as much. I haven't been pick pocketed yet (knock on wood).
  • It HAS to be able to fit my camera and extra lenses. My current bag is actually not a legitimate "camera bag" with the lined interior. I think a lot of photographers might gasp at this fact. However, after countless flights and train rides I have not gotten even a scratch on either of my lenses. This keeps the weight and the size to a minimum.


It is super easy as a blogger to accumulate a bag full of equipment. I don't like having a heavy purse when I travel. I have narrowed it down to a few items:

  • My  camera is a Cannon Rebel T3i. Kev bought it for me for my birthday right before we moved to Europe and it has worked great!
  • An 18-55 mm lens. This is a great universal lens and it covers almost all the bases for when you are wandering around a city. 
  • I only keep one additional lens in my bag. It's a wide angle lens that I use for architectural photos. This is a great lens to get more in your photograph. 
  • My newest addition is a remote shutter that I take with me when it's just Kev and I traveling together. 


On trips, I ditch my heavy wallet and switch it out for a small coin pouch. Living in Europe, I am constantly paying for things with coins and cash. I don't use a card to pay for many things when I'm traveling. I use a coin purse that I bought in Italy last year and I never leave the house without it. 


Especially in a big city where we are taking public transit all the time I always have this with me. Sometimes we will get out of the subway or bus and grab something to eat on the go. There is not always somewhere to wash your hands so, this comes in handy quiet often


We use our phones a lot when we travel. We have several apps that we like to use, especially for maps. This usually drains our battery very quickly so a battery pack is great for long days to exploring. I personally use a Mophie case but there are a ton of versions out there. I use it as my phone case when we travel. When we are at home I use just a regular case. 


This past year, I have changed my diet significantly for health reasons. You can read more about that in my post on eating with dietary restrictions. This new diet change has reduced the options of food I can eat on the go. I always have something in my bag. A piece of fruit, a bag of trail mix or a Lårabar! 

I try to keep what I carry to an absolute minimum. Sometimes I might carry a bit more (water, an extra camera lens, chapstick, ect.) but this is my list of essentials that you will always find in my bag wherever we go!
What do you always have in your travel purse?